The first day of the conference (Thursday 4th May) will comprise of two parallel workshops, introducing different components and aspects of geometric morphometrics:


Workshop 1: Introducing Geometric Morphometric Methodologies (short talk and practical)
Workshop coordinator: Christian Hoggard and Thomas Birch (Aarhus University)

This course will provide both theoretical and practical components to all stages of shape analysis, from the fundamentals of shape theory, data collection and importing datasets, choosing the right software, data analysis, and presentation. This workshop is ideal for beginners in geometric morphometrics.


Workshop 2: Geometric Morphometrics in the R Environment (short talk and practical)
Workshop coordinator: Tim Astrop (University of Bath) / Sarah Stark (University of Southampton)

This course will introduce the main packages available to researchers wishing to analyse two-dimensional and three-dimensional artefact shape within the R environment (Geomorph and Momocs). Aspects include importing and transforming data, Procrustes Superimposition, and subsequent analyses (ordination and discrimination). Aspects of allometry will also be discussed and exemplified. Ideal for more experienced researchers in geometric morphometrics.


Participants are welcome to bring their own archaeological datasets and problems which we can discuss and begin to address through both workshops. Expression of interest in workshop attendance can be found within the registration form. Please note that Workshop 2 is not an introductory course to the basics of geometric morphometrics, therefore some basic knowledge on multivariate statistics and geomeric morphometrics is assumed. Details about necessary software, guides, and a more detailed timetable for both workshops will be provided prior the conference.